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الاثنين، 19 نوفمبر 2018

how to add SEO Pack For Blogger Blogspot

how to add SEO Pack For Blogger Blogspot
In your blog, SEO is not as easy as WordPress because in WordPress you only need a plugin.
In this case, you should use the code that uses blogger information to feed
Software crawl
 Search Engine
Because WordPress has its own plug-in called All-in-One SEO, it also came with the entire Blogger code and idea.
Every one in SEO performs all
 Search engine optimization services for the Blogger site
You do not have to use SEO experts to work on your Blogspot blog.

There are many activities you need to implement your blog to make it SEO friendly. Include.

Custom header robot words
Custom Robots.txt setting
View Blogger Blog Post Title Before Blog Title ll SEO activities above in Blogger well.
You will not have to waste time adding separate characters at different points, which may make you misunderstand the code of your blog's blog. Instead of boring work, the SEO package comes in one package to understand where you want to modify your code to prefer SEO.
The SEO code below is what we seek and talk about.

How to Add Every SEO to One Blogger Blog Package.

Follow the step-by-step setting until you announce the All-One All SEO package to your blogger code.
Be sure to read the entire publication where I will guide you on how to change some of the commands in the code so that they can follow up your blog information.
Let's start with the following steps:
Step 1.
Sign in to Blogger and choose your website to add the SEO code.
Step 2.
Access the left commands by going to the template command, click the template command, and then locate Edit HTML next to Customization.
Step 4.
Click anywhere in the code, and then click Ctrl + F in Windows or CMD + F in the Mac OS.
Step 5.
In the search bar, look for the <head> tag
Step 6.
After you find the header tag, copy each code above and paste it into the tag
Step Seven.
Make the pending changes to the All in One SEO Pack icon as specified.
Step 8.
Click Save


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