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الأربعاء، 27 فبراير 2019

Use Anti Adblock script on Blog

Use Anti Adblock script on Blog

Use Anti Adblock script on Blog Most of the people are using AdBlock extension to remove ads from the website. Nowadays its a big problem for the blogger and for those who make money from home with youtube and blog. But it’s time to say goodbye for adblocker by using anti Adblock script. Anti AdBlock is a script which stops access to the website content or video content if Adblock is enabled. Anti Adblock script is an AdBlock killer which not only disable Adblock but also stop accessing your website content. Whenever a user uses adblock while visiting your site, anti adblock script automatically detect it and show the message to disable the adblock to access the content Blogger
On Blogger you have to paste the script by adding HTML. Layout
Click on add a gadget in the footer and a pop-up window appear.
Now, click on HTML/Javascript
After that, paste the following anti Adblock code into the new window and click on save (leave the title blank)

Following is the screenshot of blocked Adblock

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