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الجمعة، 14 فبراير 2020

5 Quick SEO Tips & Tricks to Boost your Rankings 2020

5 Quick SEO Tips & Tricks to Boost your Rankings 2020

As we have moved into another decade, business owners from all around the globe are becoming increasingly conscious of their need to rank higher in search rankings and become more visible in their niches. In order to boost your rankings this year, you can do some quick optimization tasks.

Let’s take a look at these Professional SEO Tips by Orange County company SEO Agency.

1. Make Sure Your Content is Unique

 First and foremost, you need to ensure that your content, which is Google’s primary ranking factor, is 100% unique. For that, use a tool like Copyscape, Plagiarism Checker or Duplicate Checker. You have tons of tools online that can help you check whether your content is unique or parts of it are duplicate.

When it comes to SEO, it is paramount to ensure that your site visitors interact with your site. On-site engagement is a key ranking factor in both Google and Bing. You should use content that is easy to digest together with call-to-actions and visual elements to offer an immersive, unique experience to all of your site visitors.

3. Leverage Featured Snippets

Use various featured snippets, from paragraph, questions or lists, in order to rank your page content on “Position 0” in search results. Moreover, try to rank for voice search so that people who use Alexa or Cortana can find your site.

SEO goes hand in hand with your social media accounts. Your Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts can rank on the first pages on Google and Bing after relevant keyphrases. Moreover, the more engagement you have on social networks, the more signals you will send to Google to rank your main site higher.

If you are still running your site on Http:// instead of Https://, then it is time to make a switch. An SSL certificate inspires confidence among your visitors, increases your site loading speed and dramatically improves your ranking in Google’s algorithm

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